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Friday, January 12, 2007

Birds in the Funnies- Pelican-talkin' Parrot

Wow- a parrot imitating a pelican! Perhaps not the best choice of a wake-up call, though, as Brown Pelicans are generally silent after fledging, and American White Pelicans are generally silent away from breeding grounds and "utters quiet, low grunting or croaking sounds" at nest (per the Sibley Guide to Birds.) (Take a listen at Cornell's Macaulay Library- an amazing resource of nature sounds and videos.)

I'd have gone with the screech-owl, myself- a nice, loud whinny call. BTW, anyone else envious of those who can produce a perfect Eastern Screech-Owl tremolo by fluttering the back of their throat as they whistle? I can only get a weak tremolo at best by building up a gob of saliva back there. Problem is I either whistle well or flutter the gob, but rarely both at the same time. Guess my uvula isn't flapping around enough... My whinny imitation isn't great, either, but I've had birds answer it so I guess that is all that matters...

Monty 1/12/07:

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