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Friday, March 14, 2008

Bird Chick

No, not that Bird Chick... There's a new Great Horned Owl chick at the Valmont owl box- looks like a fuzzy little blob but not for long- these things grow fast. The other egg is still unhatched but should only be a day or two behind the first. Later in the night the proud papa paid a visit and serenaded his family- check out how puffed up his neck is as he hoots: The instinct to keep the chick and its sibling well-fed is kicking right in- no more "down the hatch" when grub comes in for momma. Later in the night, two small rodents (mice?) are stashed and by dawn there's a third ready to go when the chick gets hungry.

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Anonymous said...

You may be interested in this Boulder
owl, too, who has taken up residence in last season's crow's nest on the ledge of the NCAR office building on Mitchell Lane. There was a big surprise for the crows last week when they tried to reclaim their nest. No need to mention who won that battle.