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Monday, July 07, 2008

Highlight Reel

Folks- I was invited to be the featured Photographer of the Month on the Cape May Bird Observatory page- can't tell you how much I appreciate the recognition!! I put together a 36-image sampler of my work that they have on a nice gallery page- check it out:


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that.

Beverly said...

Congratulations! That's way cool and it was a kick to see which of your photos you considered for the collection.

You know...I was thinking, you (and your students) might enjoy this blogger:
- Beverly

Amy said...

Kudos, Schmoker!

noflickster said...

Beautiful selections, I love the composite photos. Congratulations!

Paul Hackett said...

Well done Buddy! Great set of pics, well deserved, Paul Hackett UK