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Monday, November 24, 2008

Noah and the Penguins

Hey folks- my birder buddy Noah Strycker has a great blog detailing his Antarctic adventures studying Adelie Penguins for three months with two other researchers at a remote outpost on Cape Crozier. Living conditions are austere, the weather defines harsh, and the work is hard, but his updates are filled with amazing photographs and witty writing (no surprise, coming from Noah!) The following is his description of the blog- be sure to visit and leave a comment or two!

Noah Strycker is spending this season in a field camp on remote Cape Crozier, Antarctica, with two other researchers and several hundred thousand Adelie Penguins. Adverse weather, cramped conditions, and isolation are usual. This blog covers day-to-day life on earth's driest, coldest, windiest, most southerly continent.

Noah is a 22-year-old recent graduate of Oregon State University in Fisheries and Wildlife. He is Associate Editor of Birding magazine, columnist known as BirdBoy in WildBird magazine, and a passionate birder, artist, and photographer. Contact him or see more of his work at

Penguin Science research is ongoing. You can learn more about the project at

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