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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Class Act

Folks- I'd like to announce that I'm leading an upcoming digital bird photography class this summer for the American Birding Association's Institute for Field Ornithology (IFO.) The workshop will be 1-5 June, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado (with field session in surrounding sites.) Full information, requirements, and registration info can be found here: IFO Digital Bird Photography Workshop

Workshop Description: The Boulder, Colorado area offers a unique setting for this bird photography workshop. While birds may offer the most photo opportunities, we will also be on the lookout for any wildlife including mammals, insects, and "herps" (reptiles and amphibians) to photograph. The workshop will offer a mix of classroom sessions and time in the field working on our art, particularly an opportunistic approach to bird & wildlife photography that emphasizes organisms in their natural surroundings and capturing interesting behaviors on camera. Classroom time and field techniques will be centered on digital SLR telephoto photography. Digiscoping may be addressed if there is participant interest but won't be the focus of the workshop. To get the most out of the class you should have a telephoto camera rig of at least 300mm equivalency, but not so big that you aren't comfortable carrying it around on moderate walks and shooting hand-held. A tripod or monopod may be useful in some settings but most of our efforts will emphasize hand-held techniques. For many digital SLR camera bodies a 200mm lens is equivalent to nearly 300mm on a film body, and "power-zoom" cameras of 10X or 12X can work, too. Perhaps the most commonly seen lenses used by birders are (80 or)100-400mm f/5.6 zooms or 300mm f/4 lenses, although many other combinations work fine. In addition to your camera gear you should bring a laptop with photo editing software for the digital darkroom work sessions.
We're limiting the class to 10 participants so sign up early if you are interested- hope to see some of you faithful readers there!

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