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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sky View Pillow

As migration gets into full swing, many birders deal with "warbler neck" from craning up towards the canopy while slinging bins.

Along comes an interesting product to support your neck- the Sky View Pillow! Looks like a great idea- check it out!

From their web site:
Whether you are searching the treetops and mountains for birds, viewing airplane acrobatics at an air show or identifying constellations and planets on starry nights, "warbler neck", plane pain, and constellation cramping can be behind the past...instead of behind your head.

Welcome to the world of the Sky View Pillow (Patent pending) where providing cushioned, heads-up experiences is our goal.

Made from high quality Lycra (stretchable material), this pillow will help alleviate pain in the neck. The pillow, double hemmed for added durability, is generously stuffed with a hypo-allergenic polyester fiberfill. Two Velcro straps provide a convenient, easy attachment.

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