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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Digiscoping Workshop this Weekend!

I'm excited to be instructing a digiscoping class this coming Saturday (10 October) and hope to see many of you faithful readers there! The class is being offered through the South Suburban Parks and Recreation district in Littleton at the Carson Nature Center and South Platte Park- class info and registration links can be found here. Thanks much to Tom Bush at Front Range Birding for arranging the class and for lining up the sponsors (S &S Optika, Front Range Birding Company, and Mike's Camera) and talent. I'm really looking forward to working with my co-instructors and buddies Jeff Bouton of Leica Sport Optics and Clay Taylor of Swarovski Optik. The forecast is currently calling for a high in the low 40's with a chance of snow- if you are coming, bundle up (we'll be in the field about half the time.)

I've updated my Digiscoping Tips and Tricks File in preparation for the class, but you can also click the link to get a PDF copy of it.

While we're at it, I also have the 2009 Nikon digiscoping system brochure available as a PDF.

I just got a loan of some great gear from Nikon- their
FSB-U1 universal digiscoping adapter and a Coolpix P6000 camera along with the 20/25X Long Eye Relief eyepiece to put on my 65mm EDG Fieldscope. I'll blog about the rig soon and welcome any questions folks have about it. I'll also have the rig set up at the workshop for folks to check out in person.

Another really exciting piece of gear that I can't wait to try out in the field is Nikon's FSA-L2 Digital SLR Adapter. It lets you connect a Nikon DSLR to an EDG scope, turning it into a super-telephoto zoom (750 - 2,625mm or 600 - 2,100mm on the 85mm and 65mm models, respectively, for most DSLRs. Full-frame DSLRs (like the D3X) yeild 500mm - 1,750mm or 400mm - 1,400mm on the 85mm and 65mm models, respectively.) I don't think it is quite on the US market yet but when it drops it is going to make some big ripples!! I have it ready to go and will be happy to show anyone how it works at the workshop and in a future blog post.


Bosque Bill said...

Wishing you a great class this weekend; sounds fun!

In lieu of driving up to Colorado, I read your Digiscoping Tips & Tricks file. Very good info there, presented very well, too. Thanks.

p.s., sorry to be a nit-picker, but you misspelled Swarovski in the "Get Connected (Best)" paragraph.

brdpics said...

Thanks, Bosque Bill! I also appreciate you finding the typo- should be fixed now. Let me know if you find anything else- I'll take all of the proofreading help I can get!!

DJB's Photo Adventures said...

Wish I could be there! But I will be up in Rocky Mountain NP taking pictures that weekend. Have fun!