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Friday, March 16, 2007

Paired Up

Progress in the Boulder Barn Owl box- this morning a pair of owls are roosting in the box. The Valmont Owl Cam is toggling between the Great Horned Owl box (nesting failed there this spring) and the Barn Owl box throughout the day, so if you go to the live image you may or may not see Barn Owls. Fortunately, you can run back through the previous 24 hours' worth of images in two-minute intervals to see what has transpired recently.

The funny thing is that Barn Owls are really hard to get in Boulder County (where the Valmont Plant is) and unless you get special access, you can only see this box by scoping it from about a mile away. Good luck with that, since Barn Owls usually don't emerge until it is fully dark. Oh, well- still nice to know these birds are there.
Hey- get that sun out of my face!!

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