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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hot Off The Press

In the last few weeks a few new publications have come out featuring my photography. One is a book by Sharon Stiteler (aka The Bird Chick) called City Birds Country Birds. It's a nice book covering these topics highlighted on the back cover:
  • Secret methods for attracting birds to any location
  • Info about feeders, seed, and bird houses
  • Special tips for apartments, condos, and more
  • How to attract wanted guests and learn to live with unwanted visitors
  • Frequently asked questions, success stories, and other resources
If you feed or house birds you should pick up a copy- I think it would be a great gift, too. Don't you know someone, perhaps a casual bird watcher who feeds birds or has bird houses but would like to have more success? This is the book for them.

I also got some copies of the SE Colorado Birding Trail printed guides last week. Most of the bird pics in the guide are mine- cool to see this in print now in addition to being online. I'm not sure where these will be distributed but keep an eye out on the web page for updates. I also understand that part 2 (out of a planned 4) of the Colorado Birding Trail, the SW portion, is on the way.

The other nice surprise that arrived in the mail recently was the new brochure for Yosemite National Park. It features a Black Swift photo of mine (just left of the center waterfall pic.) The NPS site says that Yosemite gets almost 4 million visitors a year- I'm guessing this is the widest audience so far for my photography!

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