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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Greater Roadrunner Where Now??

Earlier this week, my buddy Joe Roller did some great bird detective work and weathered several fruitless trips to finally track down a rumored Greater Roadrunner on Dinosaur Ridge, west of Denver near the fabled Red Rocks Park (Joe's highly entertaining full story of his roadrunner quest can be found here.) After his original confirmation of the bird he led 1 successful return trip followed by a string of dips in worse weather. Today, though, the weather improved, the weekend rolled around, and several Denver-area birders including yours truly positioned themselves along the bird's favorite haunts to see if it would make another appearance. At about 12:30 we were rewarded with looks that began as distant & fleeting but got better and better. Below are some of my favorite images of this bird, and yeah, the white stuff in many of the images is snow!! Thanks, Joe!

Enjoy- Bill

Roller's Roadrunner Raiders getting their twitching orders.


Adam Jack said...

Lovely shots. I saw the bird (last Tuesday w/ Joe) but not as good as this! Thanks for sharing them.

Merrilyn said...

Beep! Beep! Great photos! So this is what all the excitement was about. Joe keeps me up to speed on his birding adventures and this one has been most fun.
From one who has received years of twitching orders,
Joe's little sis :)

DaveABirding said...

Missed that along with so many others recently - stupid toe! Headed down to SE Co and OK this weekend to get a late jumpstart on 2012 - maybe I'll see one outside the metro area! Great shots btw.

Alasco López said...

What a beautiful pictures!
If you want to see more photos of birds, I share you my blog.