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Monday, June 25, 2007

Birds in the Funnies- Caffeinated!

Hummingbird + Caffeine = Trouble!! I wonder if the artists that produce Brevity are birders, or at least bird watchers- seems like they have some good insight into the hyper world of hummers. Already on near-constant red-line, a strong cup of joe might just put a hummer over the edge, indeed!

Good timing on the comic, too- a few folks are already reporting the first Rufous Hummingbirds coming through the Front Range of Colorado. They breed far to the NW of here and the males skadoodle right after breeding- no paternal duties for these love-em & run dads. So these are fall migrants, just a few days past the summer solstice! I'll be watching my hummer-friendly flowers (I've got lots in my Longmont yard for this very reason) but I won't put out a feeder for a while. Even when I do, the hummers I get mostly feed on my salvia and agastache. I've also got a new honeysuckle that is kicking out lots of tempting-looking flowers. I hope it becomes a hummer magnet! I've had 4 species in my yard (in rough order of abundance: Calliope, Rufous, Broad-tailed, and Black-chinned.) Species #5 is going to be a good one!!

Brevity, 6/24/07:


Sherrie York said...

Well, I hope you've had a little caffeine of your own, since I've tagged you with the Eight Random Facts meme. Just sharing the wealth!

brdpics said...


Oh, this will be fun!