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Monday, December 24, 2007

Pedro Makes the News

Everyone's favorite Streak-backed Oriole, Pedro, made one of the major Denver TV news channels the other day- check out the story: - Video - Bird Watchers Catch Glimpse Of Rare Specimen
Pedro has also made the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News- cool to see some positive mainstream exposure for birders. Great job, Connie, for accommodating so many folks who have come from near and far to see Pedro! Now if she'll only stay through Jan 1... (The Loveland CBC date.)


Anonymous said...

So, curiosity is killing me... did the bird stay till January 1st?

...and what is the Loveland CBC, I wonder.

La Veta, CO

brdpics said...

Hi Beverly- Pedro did stay until Jan 1 (actually, Jan 2.) This was cool because the Loveland Christmas Bird Count (CBC) was on January 1, making Pedro officially countable for that particular event. Another Streak-backed Oriole was found on an Arizona CBC but they are arguing that it may show signs of previous captivity (something Pedro didn't exhibit, to my knowledge.) Apparently, the AZ bird is of a subspecies not as expected north of the border, and has feet problems often seen in caged wild birds. Who knows. Either way, Loveland will at least share the national high count for Streak-backed Oriole this year!!