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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Finer points of a Trumpeter Swan

Here's a collection of Trumpeter Swan pics I took a couple of weeks ago. There's a pair of resident Trumpeters on the golf course lake in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, that were brought in years ago and never left despite being free-swimming and free-flying. While not "countable", I always appreciate the chance to refresh my ID skills and to have a detailed set of reference photos. There's no doubt about Trumpeter vs. Tundra Swan ID when birds are close, but they can be maddeningly tough to figure out when conditions aren't ideal or with immature birds. Unlike my previous drive-bys of the lake, this time one of the swans was right against the near shore near Highway 160 with good light coming in from behind me. I eased onto the wide shoulder and snapped the bird from inside my truck (a most effective photo blind despite being huge and white.) I say take the easy shots when you can- there is no lack of difficult bird photography!!

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