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Monday, June 08, 2009

North Woods Fun

I've been having a ball up here in NW Wisconsin despite some rainy weather. Looks like it should be clearing for the rest of the week- I'm excited to visit Crex Meadows tomorrow. I'm staying at my folk's place on a private lake with great birds, so I set up my little portable photo blind near their feeder tray and put up some picturesque branches on each side for perches. Then it was a matter of chilling out in the camp chair built into the blind and crushing birds from a few meters away as they came in. Light was low on the cloudy, rainy days yesterday and today so I was shooting at 640 or 800 ISO. I just ran these through Noiseware to counteract the sensitive ISO. Otherwise the light was nice and even- rich colors that I don't always get on the high plains or mountains of Colorado. For a topper, a Black Bear walked through the cabins after dinner tonight- I snapped a quick pic on my iPhone out the screen door but it sat down about 50 meters away at the edge of the woods to contemplate its next move- time enough for me to grab my telephoto rig and get a few nice shots.


The Such Boys said...

Very nice photos! Did you make your portable blind? What does it look like? I just found two fledgling Black-billed Magpies near our house with about 15 adults watching out for them.

Joel Such

Dawn Fine said...

Great fun seeing that bear1
You have amazing photos!

DaveABirding said...

Wow, beautiful shots as always. I just got my lifer (wild) Black Bear at Betasso last night. Aren't they cool? Unfortunately mine didn't decide to have a sit.

photo recovery software said...

wow! Very nice photos. Thanks for sharing these cool photos.

- Clark said...

Your pictures are amazing! I can't believe how good your bear picture is. It looks attentive and curious not mean.