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Friday, June 19, 2009

North Dakota is for Bird Lovers!

Hi everyone- I've been madly birding for the last 4 days at the American Birding Association conference in Minot, ND. Up at 4am each day, out to see tons of cool birds doing cool things, and then back to network and socialize with a great group of birders, hear informative talks, and learn about sparrows in Jon Dunn's workshop. Finally slept in this AM and am packed and ready to go birding some more later today and tomorrow. Not much time for details now, but here are some favorite pics so far... More later!
Looking up at a skylarking Sprague's Pipit

Looking down at a Virginia Rail

Looking out at the bird pictured on the auto tour loop stop (Piping Plover)

Red-necked Grebe

Ruffed Grouse on its drumming log

Clay-colored Sparrow

Horned Grebe

Grasshopper Sparrow

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Dawn Fine said...

Great birds! I just tweeted this post on Twitter to all my birdie friends..