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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Birds in the Funnies- Not such deep meaning edition

Here are a few more offerings of late featuring birds:

Pearls Before Swine 12/9/06:
This is another one of my favorite strips- Stephen Pastis has a twisted sense of humor that resonates with me. I can imagine a bunch of starlings with this fraternity attitude, or maybe some waxwings that have been eating fermented crabapples...

F-Minus 12/8/06:
This strip is pretty new in our paper, and when it is "on" it is one of the funniest strips going. This version is OK, but the birder in me realizes that it would have been funnier if it featured birds that actually regurgitate to feed their youngsters (like penguins) instead of a generic passerine that would probably be returning to the nest with an insect...

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