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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Birds in the Funnies

One of my favorite blogs is the Comics Curmugeon. No, it isn't bird-related, but Josh's comments about comics are consistently funnier than most anything in the actual comics. So in tribute, I'll occasionally blog about comics that decide to use birds in their strips (after all, this is supposed to be a birding blog.) So here goes:

Mother Goose & Grimm 12/2/06:
Today's Mother Goose & Grimm is pretty good from a birding humor point of view. With those ear tufts, that could be a Long-eared or Great Horned Owl, both of which make hooting calls that could fit the stereotypical "who" phonetic. Of course, a Boreal or Snowy would be an even classier owl, in my opinion.

Dennis the Menace 12/2/06:
This panel is ironic to me because about a half an hour ago, a friend called me from Florida to tell me she was looking at a Limpkin outside of her hotel window, while I'm looking at fresh snow outside mine. Still, birds are frolicking in my heated birdbath ala Dennis's. But what are his birds supposed to be? Oregon Juncos? American Robins? Yellow-billed Seedeaters? Or just generic "I'm too jaded from drawing this boring strip every day for the past umpteen years" birds?

Dog eat Doug 12/2/06:
I like Dog eat Doug- it is consistently a funny strip. I'll have to admit, though, that I'm not sure if I get the joke today. I guess it means that Doug thinks the turkeys are acting anything but wild- just walking slowly through the back yard. Guess Doug was expecting party animals- maybe one of them wearing a lampshade on its head, etc. Sill, bonus points for accurate rendition of the birds. Make sure to tick them for the yard list, Doug!

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