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Sunday, December 10, 2006

California Dreaming- Round 1

In September I went to Monterey, CA to do a couple of pelagic trips, plus some shore and land birding. I organized the trip for the Colorado Field Ornithologists, and 15 of us enjoyed two days out on the Point Sur Clipper with Monterey Seabirds. Life has been pretty busy, but I'm finally wrapping up my photo edits from the trip. In today's teaser (it will still be a while before I update my bird photo site), I'll feature some cool but nasty birds- jaegers and skuas. We had the good fortune of getting a "skua slam" on our first day out, seeing Long-tailed, Parasitic, and Pomarine Jaegers plus South Polar Skua. Three of the four were really cooperative, with only Long-tailed staying out of photo range. Enjoy...

Adult Parasitic Jaeger:

Pomarine Jaegers:

South Polar Skuas:


Anonymous said...

My first time to write in a 'blog" I'm not a birder...just
love wildlife. Your photos are
fantastic. Love the action of the
waters in some of them too. I wish
I had found your web site before
this. Thanks for all the enjoyment.

brdpics said...

Thanks, Virginia! Stay tuned for more...